Friday, September 10, 2010

Obama's chance to veto

There's political pressure on democrats to "not raise taxes during a recession"; even on the wealthiest individuals who clearly wouldn't have their economic activity impacted.

Bad economics as it is, it is good politics to pander before an election.

President Obama should release all vulnerable Democrats to vote for tax cuts for the wealthy and anyone else they want to.

But then, use his veto pen to establish his commitment to fiscal responsibility.

The CBO says that the new Healthcare law will lower the deficit. Who knows if it will. But it is a credible organization.

Add that to a Presidential insistence that wealthy people pay their fair share, and we're on to something.

It allows Democrats independence from Obama on something important, and the President to demonstrate a backbone.

BTW. I wish the President would show some resolve and stand up the gay rights lobby. Whether in Washington D.C., Iowa, New Hampshire, etc.

Make the moral case that the institution of marriage is in trouble because of neglect and damage inflicted in civil society, and that we shouldn't weaken it further,but instead make it stronger.

It would make people like Newt Gingrich who have participated in the destruction of the institution through frivilous divorces look silly, and put Democrats on the proper side of traditional values.

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