Thursday, September 16, 2010

Why America needs a Republican win in 2010

...but why I hope it still doesn't happen.

Politics is war without bloodshed. The right-wing now believes in every conceivable conspiracy about President Obama and the Democrats' plans. The President has acheived many political goals and the other side if fuming. It's ironic that our side isn't pleased about the same set of facts.

That irony is American politics. It is life. The good isn't as intense as the bad.

A republican takeover will give the half of the country against the President HOPE.. I suspect Republicans will disappoint them, but then the right wing will spread it's anger out toward everyone which will make it impotent.

Right now, we are ripe for crazy behavior. Hopefully not too crazy. We have had governors talk about secession, state's refusing to follow the law, citizens acting as if their lives are being threatened by the government. Many times these same people and institutions are being funded and supported by we the people through our federal government.

So that's the upside. The natural swing of politics to calm down the passions.

But I hope Democrats win and we break this cycle peacefully. Maybe the Republicans will try to win majorites based on new ideas and approaches.

Imagine a Republican platform that stood for traditional marriage.
Imagine a Republican platform that stood for less spending in popular programs without their typical lies?

Right now, our party is the more honest one by miles. We deserve re-election.

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