Friday, September 17, 2010

Social conservatives warn Republicans

It's not good news when you have to remind "your friends" that you're still here:

Social Conservatives warn GOP

Can anyone imagine a Republican agenda without tax cuts?
Can anyone imagine a Republican agenda without a nod to "less spending?
(As phony as it may be, and the cheap attacks versus proposing less spending on something popular like social security, medicare, defense,etc)
Can anyone imagine a Republican agenda without a "strong national security component"?

Yet, religious conservatives are having to beg to be included.
This is an opportunity for Democrats to bring more traditional values into the political fold on the left. While I recognize the core is going to pander to the social liberals, there is plenty that can be done that is right and proper.

Actually produce an agenda to reduce abortions while not outlawing them:
-using the bully pulpit from the President on down.
-urging charity to help pay for adoption and aid to young mothers.
-better funding and education about birth control.
-increasing the appeal of abstinence.
-promoting traditional marriage and all that comes with that.

Republicans are using the social right for votes and money. As Democrats we should address the real issues and find common ground with common sense religious conservatives while still being true to liberal values.

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