Wednesday, September 22, 2010

American people smart?

I'm tired of Conservatives who talk about trusting the judgement of the American people.

It is nonsense. Most Americans cheerfully are ignorant of most issues. They pick out a few topics/subjects/jobs that interest them, and excel at that, and otherwise leave the rest alone.

We sort of specialize in our attention and intelligence.

I do it too. I'm not interested in how my house gets running water per se. (Well actually I am but only in a curious sense)

Likewise I'm not interested in how a mechanic gets/keep my car working. Ditto with electricity, television, telephone, etc.

Well, most people don't care about how our government works. They don't care about the issues. Almost any issue.

So for instance when someone smart like say a Newt Gingrich talks about how liberals might allow or want some type of Muslim Sharia law to exist. It makes a great soundbite.

But Liberals are ...Liberals.
They don't support a conservative Islamic code any more than they would support a conservative Christian code.

They might support the idea of muslims to practice their faith in the abstract away from them.

But the same people who would allow abortion on demand, gay marriage, other outrageous things on tv, etc. don't simultaneously support a muslim theocracy.

But you would have to know what Sharia law is, know what liberals really believe, be interested in making logical sense, and so on.

America is the best land because ultimately we get it right.
We have rich people who sooner or later vote to raise their own taxes.
We have Christians who sooner or later support the exercise of other faiths.
We have poor people who work hard to get rich, and we let them keep it!

I hope it stays this way, and gets better. But it won't if people actually take Republicans and their rhetoric seriously.

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