Friday, September 24, 2010

GOP plan? 2008?

The Federal government is so out of control, and the American people fired Republicans because they spent too much before 2006, why would their Pledge hold spending at 2008 levels?

It shows they aren't serious.

Of course Democrats will attack them regardless, but if you want to say this is an emergency go back to 1988 levels. Go back to the time when the "great" Ronald Reagan left town.

I believe in as little government as possible to do what's right.

I think we can protect ourselves, have universal vouchers for education and healthcare, and keep our environment clean for much less money.

So I have Democratic priorities, with a so-called Conservative mindset.

Democrats should call their bluff and cut spending to 2008 levels.
Include defense, and reorganize the government, so it does more with less.

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