Thursday, August 5, 2010

finally a right winger against gay marriage

It took a horrible decision by a federal judge to get to publish a good column by Daniel Bloomberg that explains the case against gay marriage:

Even the youngest child recognizes the differences between the two halves of humanity – men and women. The unique, natural benefit they provide in union are the reason marriage is defined as it is. No other relationship, no matter how close, can duplicate marriage, especially a relationship between two men or two women. It is not “discrimination” to treat different things differently. Most Americans recognize the unique and valuable contribution of marriage to society and thus believe it deserves protection.


This is precisely where the fallacious racial discrimination analogy employed to slander good-faith marriage supporters fails. The claim is that those who reject same-sex “marriage” are like those who opposed interracial marriage. Wrong. There is no basis for equating sexual behavior with race. This is not a “civil rights” discussion. No one disagreed that interracial marriages were marriages. The issue was that the same things (marriages) were being treated differently. That’s not the case here. The union of one man and one woman is fundamentally different from any other relationship and may—should—be treated so.

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