Thursday, August 5, 2010

An example of why the gays are winning

Here is a right-wing paper: The Washington Times

The article is so slanted towards the pro-homosexual viewpoint that it is indistinguishable from the Washington Post. Usually, the Times will editorialize within a news story similar to Fox News. So the Post is left wing (usually), and the Times on this story, which usually is right-wing is left leaning.

Look at the final quotes from the gay rights side about their Supreme Court prospects:

At the press conference, Mr. Boies was asked whether his side could prevail before the right-leaning Supreme Court. Mr. Boies reminded reporters that both he and Mr. Olson appeared before the high court when they argued on opposite sides of the landmark Bush v. Gore decision in 2000.

Said Mr. Boies jokingly: "[Mr. Olson] is going to get the five justices who vote for him in Bush v. Gore, and I'm going to get the four justices who voted for me."

This is the main problem, the Republican party, and Conservatives in general have pretty much left the battlefield. They've given up on Hollywood, movies, and now even in the news media.

We need common sense opinion writers, thinkers, activists, etc. to stand up for the notion that society has had it right for all these years.

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