Sunday, July 18, 2010

Steroids? What Steroids

I'm on record as not being outraged by athletic steroid use. While I would never countenace illegal drug use for my sons, I feel we should have full disclosure and let people train in whatever reasonable way they wish. There are many ways to legally aid your performance. These range from simple eye glasses and contact lenses, to use of pain killers, to surgey, etc. Let's say a pitcher like Roger Clemens wouldn't have been able to accomplish what he did without performance enhancers? What's the difference between that and someone who wouldn't be able to pitch without Tommy John surgery?

But the media and some in the general public have made this an important issue. So why has it been allowed to die down so quickly. A player admits it, he gets a few tough questions. He sort of lies about the details, and it is forgotten in a short time. I'm an Alex Rodriguez fan, but why is he not asked every day about cheating? Are you cheating now? Is being clean affecting your performance?

Big story today.
Non-story tomorrow.

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