Monday, July 19, 2010

Tea Party is racist

The "Tea Party" is the racist wing of the Republican Party. The leaders are trying to keep it under cover and play coy, but the members are too virulent for chicanery.

In reality, they are a tiny fraction of Americans who are dissillusioned with the country for voting for Obama and rejecting Republicans.

They seem to be focused on personality rather than issues. If they really were against the mounting debt, big government, taxes, "freedom", etc. The Tea Party would form a third party and not associate what so ever with Republicans.

I know it's tough to turn your back on a vocal base of voters but Republicans should do that.
Not just in a pro forma fashion, but in a real and sustainable way.

The late Jack Kemp was really good at being a fiscal conservative and not flirting with the politics of race. The same can be said for Bob Dole. Newt Gingrich has a good record in the past.

But now is the time for so-called Conservatives to choose principle over politics.

With the economy being so slow, America bogged down in War, and other major issues like the oil spill lingering, many people will be attracted to extreme politics. Mainstream leaders should be clear to draw the boundaries and reject the outrageousness.

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