Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rush Limbaugh proves Right wing really supports gay rights

Rush Limbaugh is a part of the right wing movement that is actually helping the cause of gay rights and gay marriage, to my dismay. He got married for the fourth time.

It seems to me if the second one doesn't work out, you should quit getting married out of respect for the institution.

To make matters worse, he had Elton John at the ceremony.

This proves to me Republicans only really believe in lower taxes.

They talk about less government but won't cut any popular programs.
They use the social conservatives for votes, and then embarass them.

This is all the reason why we need Democrats to stand up for traditional values.

Al Gore and Tipper Gore really disappointed me. I used to respect them.

Likewise, John and Elizabeth Edwards.

But nonetheless, we need to keep fighting for traditional marriage.

President Obama and the First Lady keep holding it down!

As strange as it sounds, shout out to Hillary and Bill Clinton!

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