Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bill Clinton does good again

Juanita Broadrick claimed that Bill Clinton raped her and he hasn't refuted it to my knowledge.
That bothers me. But I seem to be the only one still talking about it. I guess I have to give him the benefit of the doubt, even though I don't know why he won't clear his name now that he's no longer in office.

I say that to say, former President Clinton has done so much good for the country.

He is still married to his wife. Even with all the cheating and other troubles, they both have set a good example to fight for the union. Who would have thought that they would have done better than Al and Tipper Gore?

Clinton consistently comes up with the best way to understand complex issues. Whether it is President Obama's poll numbers, capping the oil well, or international relations.

Today, Clinton has rewarded a politician who stood by Hillary in 2008. In Colorado, he backed Romanoff over Senator Bennet. I don't know about the differences between the two. But the fact that President Clinton is showing good moral values (loyalty, honesty) two years later is important and good. It would be easy not to keep your word or to come up with an excuse not to back Romanoff. I think the White House would prefer Clinton stay neutral or back the incumbent. Clinton is also impressive in that he has backed underdogs and others who actually needed his help (see Blanche Lincoln), so this isn't just window dressing.

I hope he isn't a rapist. All of the other scandals to me were nonsense.

He was a good President, he is a great ex-President.

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