Monday, July 5, 2010

How Democrats can win in 2010

As a party, we Democrats need to change on two critical issues. If that's not possible, then we can at least de-emphasize the wrongness of our ways, and focus on something better.

1. Democrats need to support traditional values and stop listening to the left-wing extremists on gay rights. Repealing "Don't ask, don't tell" is the wrong thing to do. Gay marriage is the extremely wrong thing to do. We need an agenda that supports traditional marriage. Find ways to make getting married tougher, staying married more meaningful, and find ways to make divorce more serious. All of this need not be in terms of laws, but in terms of civil society.

2. Democrats need to stop supporting these wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The military should be used for defense. Part of that means going on offense, but it doesn't mean a permanent military complex. I support a robust defense. I support attacking those who would attack us, before they attack us. I don't support waiting around and responding later.

In addition, we need to think outside the box in cleaning up this oil spill. Put our minds together and do what's right for America. I think President Clinton was right when he said, we should blow up the oil well. I know that might hurt BP, but America comes first.

In order for America to continue it's greatness, we need the Democratic Party to stand for traditional values, and for putting America first.

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