Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weak Attorney General Holder

I'm predisposed to liking our AG, but he comes across as a politically weak left winger.

Politically weak in the sense that he is seeking approval from the general public and his adversaries by being "moderate" or "prudent". Rather than defining what he believes, and fighting for it in the public sphere.

He also seems to advocate non-sense leftwing policies that stand up to the facts. He argues that racial profiling doesn't work, when any sensible person knows it does. We do it everyday on an individual basis, and expect law enforcement to do so on a professional basis. Everyone is against the wrong kind of profiling. Doing so to hurt a person because of their race, but it is common sense to do so to help all Americans stay safe.

Holder's performance on Meet The Press today was bad. He was on defense too often, and failed to provide a clear agenda.

If it wouldn't harm the President's reputation so bad, I'd advise that he resign, but it would, so Holder should stay.

But he should present a positive agenda and fight for it.
In addition to that, I wish he'd jettison the leftist agenda and do what is right regardless.
This should include a more aggressive approach to rooting out the radicals within the United States, and attacking illegal immigration in a more serious way.

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