Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Vote for Joe

In next week's Democratic Primary, Pennsylvania voters should choose:

Joe Sestak

over Arlen Specter

He is a more committed Democrat. I don't like the politics of party switchers unless they have made a sincere change. As MSNBC points out, Specter is now running similar ads touting Obama's support that he did in 2004 with President Bush.

Specter was good for Democrats when he switched. He helped shape the national dialogue in our favor. However, Democrats can win this Senate without him. Actually it would be easier without him. Surely there are Republicans motivated to vote him out for being disloyal; and Democrats who will never trust him.

I haven't even studied the issues, but assume they both will wind up in about the same place.
I hope Sestak will feel the need to court so-called "conservatives" and stand up for traditional family values.

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