Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Compare Arizona Immigration law to D.C. Gay Marriage

Democrats have done a good job of attacking the foundation of the new Arizona law that changed the way they approach immigration. I agree with my party that we shouldn't put people in the position of proving they're legal residents. In addition, the law clearly countenanced racial profiling that was just wrong. I always feel compelled to add that not all racial profiling is wrong, but it must have a good purpose that over-rides the negativity involved. This new Arizona law was on the wrong side of history. The legislature has changed it somewhat now, and we'll see what happens with implementation.

Contrast that with Washington D.C.'s law to grant gay marriages? There's silence from critics. The supporters are quietly changing the district and America. We need Democrats who have stated for years that they are "Conservative" and support "traditional values" to stand up.

I know it's tough to stand up against those who are allies on many other issues, but it must be done.

We have marriage dissipating from many ports. So many of the rich and famous are divorced or unfaithful. Others have never settled down and ever been responsible. There is a constant stream of bad press and court cases alleging bad behavior. And then we have a committed group of people who are attacking the foundations of society itself.

It's ok to shack up, it's ok to get divorced, it's ok to be ..., it's ok to...

Soon it will be the odd couple that is a normal male-female nuclear family with child who believes in God and wants the best for their family, their community, and this nation.

I think there are perverted people who like to challenge conventional wisdom because they can. They take their thoughts and turn them into "causes". Our human minds are so creative and flexible, that now almost anything is possible. Yet, we have to have the strength to determine what is good not only for now but for the next generation.

We need Democrats to stand up against gay marriage.
We need Republicans to stop using it as a political football and really go all in against it.
Don't let this become like abortion is for Republicans where it is just a talking point.

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