Thursday, May 13, 2010

Democrats shouldn't support Rep. Case

In Hawaii, there are two Democrats: Former Representative Ed Case and State Senate President Hanabusa who are vying with one Republican in a special election for a House seat.

They are destined to split the vote and allow Charles Djou to win with about 36% of the vote.
though the latest polls show Case (28) and Hanabusa(22) with a Democratic majority.

Case should withdraw. Even though the Republican would probably still win this special election, there is a rematch in November. He apparently broke his word to the Hawaii delegation about a primary challenge to current Senator Akaka.

In politics, your word is all you have. Case could have fudged or avoided an answer.
But you don't say you aren't challenging someone, and then go ahead and do so.

If you do, then you must make it right somehow according to them.

We need integrity to matter more in politics.
That starts with personal responsiblity.

For this special election.
For the primary in September.
Support State Representative Colleen Hanabusa for the House of Representatives.


Anonymous said...

Ahh . . . I don't think you know the details here. Case is liberal on most issues (gun control, women's rights, abortion, environment, etc). He is moderate on taxes and the budget. He didn't break his word about the Akaka race; the trust is Inouye and the rest of the rest of the party establishment never liked him because he fought against vested (democratic) interests such as the monopolistic shipping company. They also dislike him because he ran against Akaka, ranked as one of the most ineffectual Senators in the Senate.

Craig Farmer said...

If that's true, then Case should speak up for himself. If you read the linked article it doesn't say anthing of the sort.

Until I see where Case disputes then in his own words, then I'm sticking with the on the record comments.

Simple rule, if someone says something on the record, and it's not contradicted on the record, I assume it's true.

If he gave his word, he should have kept it.

If he didn't, then he needs to clear his name.

Usually people don't need encouragment to clear their name.