Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A real politically incorrect joke

I am generally against the phony outrage from people "offended" by certain jokes.
Whether the humor involves race, gender, religion, disabilities, etc. I'm all for it if the joke is funny.

Even if the joke isn't a good one, but that was the intention, to have fun, to enjoy the moment, I'm fine with it.

I'm only against mean-hearted humor that leads to negativity.

John Kyl, a Republican Senator may have crossed the line with his joke:

According to a source who attended the meetings, Kyl told the assembled crowd a political version of the classic three-people-in-a-boat joke: "So [President Barack] Obama, [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi [D-Calif.] and [Majority Leader] [Harry] Reid [D-Nev.] are in a row boat, and it springs a leak and starts to sink. Who gets saved?"

Answer: "The American people."

But love it or hate it, it wasn't even Kyl's own joke. The senator poached it from late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel, according to a source.

Kyl's office declined to comment on the quip, which was made during a closed-door strategy speech in Austin, Texas.

The White House also declined to reply to a request for comment.

Even though a comedian supposedly said it first. Here's why this is politically incorrect:

John Kyl is a part of the right wing Republican machine. He is leading mainstream conservatives and some far out people against the Obama agenda. It is clear some of them are unstable. When politicians say jokes like these, the essential truth that makes a joke funny becomes a part of the discourse in that community.

For a late-night host to say a joke, he is in fact making fun of the right-wingers.
For a right-winger to make the joke is just dangerous.

I would say the same thing about left-wing jokes concerning Former President Bush. There are so many people on the left who hate him, that politicians who cater to them must be responsible for their language even more than usual.

So let's have a clear line between good fun and just dangerous.

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