Monday, May 3, 2010


It's unbelievable that the following is talking about the right wing candidate in the UK election:

During a visit to Cornwall and North Wales yesterday, Mr Cameron used his interview to highlight a new "equalities charter" he will issue tomorrow. It promises equal rights for gay people and a major drive to ensure more women in the boardrooms. A Tory government would force FTSE companies to have women comprise 50 per cent of their "long list" when directors are appointed. Only 11.7 per cent of board members in FTSE 100 companies are women and, on current trends, it would take 73 years for them to secure half of the directorships.

Polls by the Pink News website suggest that the Tories have lost support after rows over their views on gay rights engulfed the Tory frontbenchers Chris Grayling and Julian Lewis.

Mr Cameron insisted: "The Conservative Party is committed to gay equality. You can see that in our plans to promote civil partnerships and in all we have done to apologise for the mess of Section 28 [the law by the Thatcher government banning councils from "promoting" homosexuality].

"I have never hidden from the gay community that the Conservative Party needed to go on a journey. We did not start from a good place. It has taken some time to get to a better place. Should we have gone further and faster? Yes."

He insists that, for gay people who share his party's values on issues like the economy, "it is easier to vote Conservative
this time than it has ever been before".

I see hints of this in the United States.
We need both Democrats and Republicans to stand up for tradional marriage and values.

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