Monday, May 3, 2010

Democratic control of government

I'm tired of the "drip drip" of the polls showing Republicans with a good chance to gain seats in both houses of Congress and retake the majority.

First of all, who cares?

Democrats did a good job with health-care. They are doing a good job with Financial reform. The President is going to get his Supreme Court pick.

Democracy works in cycles. The Republicans are due. They will usher in an era of investigations and gridlock.

If we can win by doing the right thing, then good. Otherwise, full speed ahead.

btw. I want to see if Republicans will do something to stop the assault on traditional marriage. I can imagine their "excuse" is Obama is in the White House.
That would be one benefit if they took over. But seeing as they don't talk about the issue much, I will file it in the school voucher cabinet.

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