Monday, May 24, 2010

Political principle

Do you know of any elected politician who is:

1. pro-choice on abortion rights
2. support death penalty for all 1st degree murders and for heinous crimes (even if not homicide)
3. support unions only to protect against abuse not for positive "rights"
4. support government regulation to protect us (pollution,worker safety,food inspection)
5. against government regulation to shield us from ourselves (gambling,drugs)
6. against fighting needless wars (Iraq)
7. for fighting necessary wars vigorously (Afghanistan then, not now)
8. for bringing home our troops stationed throughout world
9. support pre-emption(attack them before they attack us)
10 support school vouchers and other market reforms in education
11. support gun control/enforcement
12. support tough on crime laws/sentencing
13. support better lawyers for the poor
14. against gay rights
15. support equal rights for religious/non-religious people
16. support government sponsoring art that fosters traditional values
17. support laws to make marriage harder to enter and harder to divorce
18. support universal healthcare as a human right
19. support education as a human right
20. believe a regulated marketplace is better than government run
21. believe parents need to be tougher on kids including physical punishment

I could go on, but the point is these are my positions.
Even though I am a 100% supporter of the Democratic Party, I arrive at my positions using logic. No thinking person could support all the ideas of a particular party. Especially since the Party is a compromise of different group's and people's ideas.

So you should look very unfavorably on someone who can't state where they disagree with their party on at least a few MAJOR issues.

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