Monday, May 24, 2010

Why we're losing on gay marriage

Here's Rush Limbaugh, the radical right winger, totally anti-Obama, totally anti-Democratic anything, and cultural warrior right?

Except, he supports gay rights

That's the problem. There isn't a serious right wing against the radical homosexual movement.

There are right wing extremists against them.
There are left wing extremists for them.
Then there are liberals,moderates, and conservatives who basically either support or are agnostic.

That all adds up to a redefinition of our culture.

It's a secret revolution all in public.

We need good Democrats to stand up and show some courage.

Out of love say we need to re-assert the traditional values that have persisted for years.

We need to make it tougher to get married, and tougher to get divorced.
We need to pass laws that encourage the institution.

We need to promote normal relationships between men and women.

President Obama could win a second term without even trying just by doing this.

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