Monday, April 12, 2010

Usher is bad for America

Usher is a talented singer. I think he used to look up to Michael Jackson.

Now he is copying Michael Jackson in strange behavior.

His newest song is "Freak". It features female rapper Nicki Minaj in a girl willing to have sex with a guy and another girl at the same time.

This belongs in pornography. It should be protected 1st amendment speech.

But not on the radio. Not from an r&b singer.

These messages should be edited out on the radio, just as most rap songs are.

All politicians need to back up their family values rhetoric with action.

It is proper to ban certain songs during normal hours.
Force stations and artists to the late night and to the internet.

They can have free speech, and we can have safe public airways.

If Republicans want to woo the black vote, this is a great opportunity to attack this trash.

If someone really did hate black people, they would convince radio stations and listeners that something degrading and disgusting is just fine to hear at 9 a.m. in the morning.

That is the status quo today.
It's one thing to have fantasy in music, creativity, politics, fiction, etc.
But certain songs by certain artist cross a line because they purport to be "real".
In addition, it is promoting the topic. It's not like a Mob movie or the "Sopranos" because no reasonable person walks away thinking "I can be Tony Soprano".

It's a fine line that's being crossed all too often.
It's need to be a political issue that Democrats address correctly.

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