Sunday, April 11, 2010

Obama approval ratings drop in Gallup poll

The latest 3 day rolling average shows more disapproval (48) than approval (45).

There isn't any logical reason for this drop.
There hasn't been any really bad news for the President or the administration.
The economy indicators are either sending mixed or positive signals, certainly not negative.
There isn't any "echo chamber" story that is damaging.

I think there is a natural "depression" from Democrats after the euphoria of healthcare.
I know I want a break from politics after that healthcare battle.
There's too much, too soon.
The midterms aren't until November, but right now there are important primary races, and the dynamics for many general elections are being set.
But enjoying a victory is a bad way to prepare for a battle.
It is much easier to focus after a loss, especially if there is a quick turnaround.

I think the right wing is permanently negative, so when Democrats take a break the overall mood turns negative from lack of balance.

Democrats I think we should take a break from the daily politics and allow the Republicans to win these political cycles right now. According to the Gallup poll that is exactly what is happening anyway.

Remember vote 1 time, generally on 1 day. They only have to be for you on that one particular occasion.

So we should focus on a short, quick spurt at the end rather than trying to deal with the natural fatigue right now.

Some will worry about gettting too far behind, but I don't think it's possible.

This election cycle reminds me of an NBA playoff game.
Under most circumstances it's going to come down to the last 2 minutes and it's going to be close either way at the end.

As a party we should take this time to decide what is important and do it.
As much as we can now, and then run on the rest later.

I suggest as a national party we try to strengthen the American family.
We should stand up for traditional marriage.

We should promote good moral values among our youth.

In addition, we should pass a banking bill.
We should pass another jobs bill.
We should confirm a new Supreme Court Justice.
We should plan to do the tough things to deal with the deficit. That will mean
cuts in spending and raising taxes. We should cut defense spending. On taxes we should look to modernize the system and find ways to raise revenue in a new age.

Sometimes a drop in the polls can be liberating.
This could be one of those times.

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