Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Top 5 good things about USA in 2010

1. The American People are good.
(A complex society such as ours wouldn't work otherwise. Let's hope we continue and perfect it even more.)
2. Specialized Education
(The collective information we have mastered is impressive. Some people know cars, some cooking, some electronics, some history, some religion, so many know something.)
3. Technology
(hundreds of t.v. channels, digital music and video content, cell phones, cameras, gps devices, medical breakthroughs, efficient production of food, etc.)
4. Dedication to excellence in sports
(I prefer baseball, but all throughout the country we have millions of people trying to reach their God-given potential. This will impact the rest of their lives and all of ours too.)
5. President Obama and Democrats making an effort to govern honestly
(this will probably mean they won't be governing for much longer--as people abhor having to pay higher taxes or deal with spending cuts)

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