Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bottom 5 Worst things about USA in 2010

1. Attack on institution of traditional marriage from all sides (adultery,divorce,individualism, gay rights, anti-religiosity,etc.)
2. Public school system(s)-we need universal vouchers for all students
(parents should decide which schools work best for their children)
3. Too much acceptance of violence both home and abroad
(we need more gun control, stiffer penalties for all violent crimes, more rational foreign policy with a smaller defense department dedicated to protected U.S. not policing world)
4. Political Correctness rules the day
(there are too many things that need to be said or done that aren't because they offend the sensibilities of a politically important group. From criticizing the troops to condemning unwed mothers; and everything in between from the right to the left)
5. Republican Party tells blatant lies without any shame
(All politicians lie but the Republican Party is harming our country by being so brazen. Whether it refers to the "death panels", Obama as "socialist", or their actions when they ran the government.)

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