Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Supreme Court Vacancy - Evan Bayh

President Obama should pick someone whom every reasonable person could respect. We are trending toward a very negative situation where there is a lack of civility between the political parties and there isn't an established level of trust. This needs to change. The essence of democracy is that the losers accept the decisions of the winners and then try to change the country at the next election.

No reasonable Republican would expect even a moderate pick for the Court, but certainly they can at least hold their rhetorical fire on a well-respected Democrat.

In addition, I totally agree with the notion of moving away from the typical Ivy Leaguer.
They rightfully run the country, but it needed be completely.

Also we need to move away from judges and more into the political and business arena.

The President should pick:
Evan Bayh - retiring Senator from Indiana.

He is a former Governor of a red state. At heart he is a solid Democrat but has had to deal with more conservative voters and politicians. He is very moderate in his temperament. This is what a judge should be. Senator Bayh has a law degree, real life experience as a parent, senator, and governor. He would be perceived as a shift to the right of Stevens.

This is good.

Ultimately, just like in the healthcare debate, Evan Bayh will do what is right.

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