Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Heads we lose;Tails they win?

That's how the media would have it. Last night Democrats won a special election in Florida easily. That makes it a really small story. It was expected.
Unless it didn't happen, and then it would be a warning sign that Republicans are going to clobber us in the Fall 2010 elections.

Even if the election was close, it would be bad news for us. But the voters in the 19th district of Florida dissappointed the nation by supporting the party of the President.

Notice there is no scenario where we win. That's the burden of a majority party.
We have to write our own story. We have to work against the tide of complacency, natural political cycles, and a political world's desire for "action". Action in this case is the Republicans challenging for control of the Congress.

This 2010 election is a test for the Obama administration's ability to change the normal political back and forth. To change the psychology.

We won big yesterday. It's a good head start for November.

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