Monday, March 15, 2010

Divisive economic issues?

Divisive Foreign policy issues?

I keep hearing that the Tea party is trying to avoid "Divisive social issues".

Also, I notice the Republican party constantly talks about President Obama's healthcare agenda, spending, and taxing decisions in catastrophic terms, yet there's no equal vigor towards the left wing social agenda items that are being advanced throughout the nation.

All political issues are divisive. That's what politics is.

There are people who are trying to masquerade their left wing political stands while otherwise pursuing a right wing politics.

The Democratic party needs to do more to promote traditional values. To reduce abortions, to promote healthy marriages; This in addition to fighting for gun control, and to stop the senseless foreign wars we are currently fighting.


Libertyforall said...

What "left wing social agenda" are you referring to? I suspect I have a clue. A real left wing social agenda would be one that empowered the poor and disenfranchised at the expense of the rich and powerful. Not a bad idea, as long as it didn't lead to a more totalitarian regime than what exists already.

"Traditional values." Yes, to reducing abortions: promotion and availability of contraception does that. Healthy marriages: some of what is healthy, and what is not, is open to interpretation. Gun control: only when it applies to ammunition and ability of rounds fired per second. Senseless wars:
that remains to be seen.

You're preoccupation with same-sex
couples, and how a guy holds his cigarette, are interesting in a clinical sense. You're not "off the hook" with your misconceptions.
See my reply, to your reply, upcoming soon, on the older post, Craig.

Craig Farmer said...

Whenever I refer to "left wing" I"m talking about ideas that don't withstand scrutiny from logic and facts. I'm also against "right wing" nonsense on the same basis. I'm a true liberal focused on logic and facts.
So for example here's a list "left wing social agenda items":

-women coaching men's sports- and the whole movement that gender doesn't matter.
-supporting our public schools when refusing radical change in education when the system is failing so many children
-calling illegal immigrants "undocumented" and offering them healthcare and education as though they were legal.
-unions protecting bad workers like one instance in NYC when they stood up for teachers who couldn't pass 8th grade tests that were given to the students.

and the usual issues of

the gay rights agenda including the transgendered
single parent households being as good as a regular nuclear family
reducing abortions and imposing common sense restrictions such as parental notification

There's an alernate reality that is becoming more normal where common sense is being rejected.

I'm standing for returning more common sense traditional values to the Democratic Party.
btw logic and facts also lead me to support:
-abortion rights for adult women
-affirmative action
-clean air and water laws
-gun control
-support vigorous regulation of business
-against Afghan and Iraq wars right now
-support assistance to struggling homeowners
-decriminalize gambling and many drug laws
-living wage laws
-tougher trading standards-fair trade-
...and on and on

I don't mind being to the left of Democrats or the right of Republicans on any issue. I'm searching for the best policy. That is what Democrats should stand for.