Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sexual jokes

While I disagree with where our society is going, it seems that many people believe being gay is "ok" today. Being bi-sexual is "ok". Being transgendered is "ok". Certainly that is the prevailing view in the entertainment industry. Unfortunately Capitol Hill seems to be following.

Yet, seemingly normal heterosexual men continue to make jokes on t.v. shows, radio programs, movies, etc. about and around the topic.

It's everyday, on pretty much every show. It is politically correct to reference and speak on femininity in men, "man love", "man crushes", and on and on.

The same thing in reference to a woman would be sexual harassment and politically incorrect.

On a small level, take Tony Kornheiser on ESPN. He (rightfully but jokingly) called out Hannah Storm for a ridiculous outfit she was wearing on Sportscenter. He also made reference to her body. He also was suspended for 2 weeks.

Take Mike and Mike in the morning, also on ESPN. In between talking about sports, they have running jokes about Mike Greenberg being a "metrosexual". Which from what I understand is a man who exhibits feminine traits but is not gay. They constantly make gay jokes about being in "love" with Jets players (Greenberg is a Jets fan) or Brady Quinn (Golic is a Notre Dame alumnus).

Since it happens all the time, I can't list them all, but I will continue...
On Morning Joe, Willie Giest is constantly making gay jokes and is made fun of in that way. The same for Imus in the Morning show.

The point is that if being gay is "ok", how is it ok to make fun of all of the above, but not if alluding to a normal male - female relationship?

If it is really discrimination to think differently about two males or two females and a regulare male-female couple, then why doesn't that discrimination extend into jokes? The left wingers claim that this whole gay topic is similar to African Americans. I reject that. But no one would make jokes about Sage Steele and Peyton Manning. There's a double standard using their own logic. They are using it to promote a homosexual agenda.

For instance, Greenberg plays a song called "I can be your hero" everytime Mike Golic mentions Brady Quinn, with the lyric "Would you tremble if I touched your lips" being the punchline.

He would never do that about Marion Jones, Lisa Leslie, any of the female gymnasts from the Olympics, etc. Why, because it is assumed that Golic might actually want to have relations with one of them so it would be inappropriate on many levels.

But if gay is "ok", this comedic bit winds up promoting homosexual behavior and making references to normal relations off-limits.

I don't know what will be the ultimate result of thousands of these kind of references, but certainly it's not positive. It is part of an assault on our culture.

There's a certain level of blackmail that is involved also, where if you want to listen to sports, watch a funny show, enjoy a movie, whatever; you have to tolerate some of this.

Or else you can attempt to exclude yourself totally.

I reject this option.
We need to clean up our airwaves.
We need to make our culture stronger by promoting what we actually think is right.

When's the last time you heard someone say, grow up, get married, then have sex, and have a family?

Right here:

Grow up, get married, then have sex, and have a family.

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