Thursday, January 21, 2010

No Mr. President you can't just switch from healthcare to the banks

I generally like to write about policy. But this week, it is more about politics. What is so frustrating is that a winning team is losing so badly. This reminds me of the Ind. Colts deciding not to go all out for a perfect season. They wound up losing their last two games, and even though they won their playoff game, they now have to face the very same team that they allowed to beat them. This time for all the marbles, to go to the Superbowl.

So the team that had demonstrated their dominance is now in a weakened position and having to face an upset-minded bunch that is only viable because you allowed them to be.

Democrats, please.
Mr. Obama, please.

Show some leadership.
Every single one of you will be out of office someday. Some of you will no doubt lose this year. It's politics. But ultimately one way or the other the nation will be here after you.

The question is what are you doing?
Are you really going to make a decision about the top political issue for the last two years based on the loss of a lady who wouldn't shake hands in the cold, and didn't know the former star player on the 1st championship baseball team in 80 years?

Are you really telling me, Mr. Obama you have no plan?
Wait and see what happens?

Talk about the fixing the banking system?
I probably agree with a financial reform plan, but not instead of healthcare!

Where's the Obama team that I hated when I supported Hillary?
The one that always had an answer, and was well prepared?
They knew the caucus rules when my side didn't?

Please let this be a head fake, and in reality we going to pull a George W. Bush

...and Surge.

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