Friday, January 22, 2010

John Edwards attacks traditional marriage

I was very distrustful of John Edwards to begin with. As a Democrat, I found him tolerable in comparison to Republicans but I don't ever recall actively supporting him. The worst was in the 2008 campaign when he seemed to team up with candidate Obama to attack Hillary Clinton. It seemed Edwards was willing to do what Obama couldn't or wouldn't.

In that election he said something so stupid that I'm surprised the media, especially the right wing, didn't attack him and disqualify him. Edwards said that he was sorry his upbringing didn't allow him to support gay marriage, but he didn't want to pass that on to his children. And when asked whether it was ok for a book about "A Prince and A Prince" to be read and taught to young elementary students, he said he would defer to his children! In 3rd grade!

What an idiotic thing to say and even think.
I'm thinking he really didn't mean it, but he said it.

No person let's 3rd graders decide what to eat, what to wear, what to watch on t.v., but they can decide for themselves about the homosexual agenda?

I remember all the other candidates staying silent, and the media letting it go.


Add to that, Edwards' failed marriage. His bad moral values. His dishonesty.

He has contributed to the weakening of marriage just as have so many.

It's hard to say marriage is so special given people like Edwards. Elizabeth Edwards is a hero for fighting against cancer. She is a good role model in that respect. But she failed at marriage also.

John Edwards' openness to gay rights is what probably kept this story from coming out earlier.

The radical gay rights movement is good at outing "bigots" for their misbehavior.
But since Edwards was the most "progressive" of the top tier candidates, he was given a pass.

As a party, Democrats need to stand for better values. We need to root out people who are phony. We should work to promote an agenda that strengthens marriage through the tax code and various benefits throughout society. We should demand people like Edwards and Tiger Woods pay back their monetary benefits they've accrued from society. I'm talking about the tax benefits, and anything else.

I know what's holding a movement of this type back. It's all the personal problems of the people curently in Congress that we don't know about. All the divorces, all the drama, etc.

I suggest we all admit that we fall short of glory.
We should stipulate that no person can pass every morality test.


We should pass laws for our children's sake.
We should pass laws to determine what our country should look like.
We should show true patriotism and put our country before our own reputations if need be.

We shouldn't abandon the ideal that boys and girls stay virgins until they meet a special person, and get married before they copulate.

We shouldn't romanticize being a father or a good parent separate from being a family.

Again, we have to separate today's reality from a vision of tomorrow.

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