Monday, January 11, 2010

Harold Ford is not a hero

Harold had the right position on traditional marriage when he was running for the Senate in Tennessee. He supported it and was against attempts to change it and ruin it.

Now, thinking about a run in New York, Ford shows why it is Obama in the White House and not he. He is spineless and shameless. Harold Ford now supports gay marriage?

Has he been talked to by left wing extremists?

Or has he thought this way all along?

Why would he vote for a Constitutional Amendment to define marriage a man and a woman and then change his mind so soon?

Many Democrats who really support same sex marriage found a phony way to be against the amendment but still be against gay marriage for political expediency.

As Democrats we need heroes who will stand up to say and do the right thing politically.
I give our President and the current Congress tremendous credit for doing many potentially unpopular things: bailouts, healthcare plan, raising debt ceiling, etc.

The country needs leaders. Not followers.

I have nothing personally against Harold Ford. I would support him in a Democrat versus Republican race. It's just that we shouldn't encourage his type of politics when it is unnecessary.

Ford should have run a much more aggressive race in Tenn. He was on the defensive too much trying to prove his "conservatism" or "moderation".

Now he will be trying to trim his sails again in New York but this time going the other direction.

I predict he won't run. Maybe in the future. But not this time.
He doesn't have it in him to do something bold.

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