Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bob Costas interview was too feminine

Here is Mark Mcgwire a giant both in baseball and in stature "confessing" his steroid sins to the premiere baseball person on the mlb network, and...

it was like watching the Oprah show.

I generally like Bob Costas because he knows so much baseball history and is a really smart person. But Costas lost a lot of cool points in the Mcgwire interview.

"How do you feel" ?
"This is like a Confession, do you feel relief" ?
"What was the burden like" ?

Hey Bob Costas, you are a man. You usually act like one.

Why didn't you more forcefully challenge Mcgwire's notion that steroids didn't help his performance?

Why didn't you do your homework and contest the notion that no one else knew about his illegal drug use?

Jose Canseco is obviously more credible than McGwire, yet Costas allowed him to dismiss Canseco's account of their mutual steroid use.

Costas should have went point by point and asked each time if it was 100% untrue.
Then asked, "but you will have to agree when he said you were a steroid user he was accurate, right"?

The point is the feminization of our culture must be reversed.
We have women to be women.

We need men to be intellectual, strong, forceful, and interesting.

And for Mark McGwire, stop crying.
Be a man.

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Libertyforall said...

Craig, once again, your obsession with "being a man, too feminine, and being gay," is very indicative of someone who is insecure with their own masculinity and sexuality. Think about it!