Thursday, December 3, 2009

A victory for traditional marriage...sort of

The New York State Senate rejected a bill to change the definition of marriage to allow gays to wed. It was obviously the right move but champions of marriage should be very careful in cheering this win.

It's clear to me that the gay rights lobby in New York is on offense with no real opponents.

Sure the Catholic church and a few groups are vocal but they have lost the moral high ground.
Our side has ceded the language of civil rights to the radicals.

We need to retake that mantle.

We the people through our government have the right to define marriage as one man and one woman. We have a civil right to believe that, and pursue that. We have a right to ensure our state and Federal constitutions ratify that concept.

In doing so, we are including every man and every woman, giving equal rights to all.
Marriage itself requires a man and a woman. We have defined it as such for years and have a civil right to continue that.

It is radical and discrimination for those who suggest we can't work to have our honest beliefs to continue and enshrined in current law.
In New York the state Assembly has passed gay marriage bills twice, and the closet vote for it in the Senate is either close or beyond a majority. We are just dealing with political fallout right now.

We need Democrats who to be serious in their opposition, rather than standing on the sidelines and watching our nation being transformed.

It would be great for President Obama to keep his word and stand up for traditional marriage the same way he has done so in Afghanistan.

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