Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Obama really meant it? What about gay marriage?

It seems that many Democrats are shocked that President Obama really meant what he said for the past few years about Afghanistan. He said it so many times: Afghanistan was the war that need to be fought, and the Bush Team "took their eye off the ball". He promised to withdraw from Iraq and to increase soldiers going to the place where the 9/11 attacks were plotted.

I was among the masses who thought this tough talk about the Taliban was just a way not to soud like a Dove when presenting withdrawal plans from Iraq. It was a safe way to sound reasonable and not so left wing.

So, Obama was telling the truth here, I wonder was he telling the truth when he said he believes in traditional marriage?

Once again, I think he not-so secretly agrees with gay marriage and the rest of the radical homosexual agenda.

But the fact is, he claims he opposes redefining marriage.

Best case scenario is that Obama holds his ground and is actually telling the truth.

Many were shocked last night, maybe he has another one in him.

Washington D.C. has passed a Gay Marriage Bill.
Obama could prove he is a man of his word and work to repeal it being that the District is under Federal control.

But I sense that Democrats will work to avoid any vote.
I wonder how Republicans will embrace the filibuster rule in this case.

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