Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ban prenuptial agreements

One way to strengthen marriage is to find ways to discourage people who aren't serious and committed fully from getting married.

Ban prenuptial agreements.

If you marry someone, everything theirs is yours, and everything yours is theirs.

It is communal property. That should be the law in all fifty states.

What this might do is encourage everyone to think do I want to give 100% of myself and my things to this person?

There is no special "personal" bank accounts.


I know of all the arguments against this, but the fact is we need arguments for marriage.
Real marriages between one man and one woman.

As a result of making prenups null and void in any divorce proceeding, perhaps many people won't get married in the first place. Maybe they will realize that they are too selfish to deal with another person fully and want to keep things to themselves.

I understand that there are political dynamics to any relationship, but a marriage needs to rise above a contract for it to be meaningful.

So as we address this crisis of unwed mothers, divorced parents, and general trouble in matrimony, we need to make real changes and work to alleviate the problems.

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