Saturday, December 26, 2009

Foiled Terrorist attack

I don't know if this guy on the Delta flight was a joke or a serious threat to the airplane, the passengers, and our nation.

What I do know is that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan aren't necessary to protect America.
We need to do what is called for around the world to ensure the security of the American people. That means controlling 100% the security for airplanes from beginning to end that land in the United States.

Any weak point can be an opportunity to attack this country.

Spending billions in the middle east won't do but so much to help us, but spending billions to station the best security to inspect every American bound plane, every time will definitely help.

We have to realize that many of these countries don't view security the way we do. They accept much higher casualties.

I like the American approach where we defend ourselves much more vigorously.
This is a wake-up call to the nation to stop wasting money trying to nation build, and strengthen up our national security.

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