Friday, December 25, 2009

Democrats stand up for our values

True story.

Watching NBA basketball on Christmas day. Today. 5pm.
It's a pretty good game.
There's a timeout.
ABC runs a promotion for one of it's shows.

A naked man whose private parts are covered up by a lamp appears on the screen.
Then one of the main characters of Grey's Anatomy kisses him.

Not today.
Not at 5pm.

We have to have better standards.

Does the NBA and ABC want families to sit and watch television together or not?

I'm offended all alone, definitely so with the family.

Sure there's a first amendment. Censorship is bad.
But this is common sense regulation.

No nudity at 5pm on Christmas day during a basketball game.
Not in the show, not in the commercials.

Why not see how creative we can be during "family" hours to sell a product
and do it in a way that all ages can be proud and actually watch.

If Grey's Anatomy is for adults, then the ads should only run when only adults would
be sure to watch.

If you ran that ad during Desperate Housewives, it's still bad taste but acceptable.
If you ran that ad during the Evening New, it's still bad taste but acceptable.

This is similar to the cigarette companies with the cartoon characters.

I would hope a Conservative Republican party would stand up.
But it's left up to us liberals.
The newliberals.

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