Friday, December 25, 2009

How Democrats can win in 2010

I've already listed what Democrats should do i€n 2010, but more realistically here's how the party can maintain and even increase their majorities:

5. Accept the historical challenge that most majority parties lose big in their President's first midterm election, and realize it is mostly because those disposed to their side are disenchanted at the reality versus the promises, and complacent versus active.
The key is to amass a big victory like Healthcare reform and warn voters the Republicans are trying to take the popular benefits away.

4. The other reason majorities lose seats is that the minority finds it easy to criticize and highlight the negative aspects of anything proposed or done. Since they don't have power, they don't have to be responsible. They can at the same time have different members complain something is both too expensive, and doesn't do enough to help. Also they can talk about what they would do, without actually having to figure out how to get it through Congress. Highlight a negative aspect of the Republican agenda:
Let voters know that some Republicans hate Obama so much that if they gain seats they will use power to investigate the President no matter what.

3. Let the public know that more Republicans equals more war. T'he more there are, the more pressure on the President and more power to the Generals.

2. Pass Jobs bill that directly puts millions of Americans to work in construction, and let the people know Republicans think this is bad policy.

1. Have President Obama nationalize this election around his desire to keep changing America for the better in healthcare, financial regulation reform, and ending the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. A vote for any Democrat is a vote for Obama, and a vote for any Republican is a vote for obstruction. The President with a sustained effort should be able to keep his job approval at 53% or above. Then the key is to get those people out to vote. This will include many "unlikely voters" who don't show up in all the polls because they aren't routinely interested in politics.

As you can tell, voters typically vote against more than voting for. Fear trumphs policy and ideas. Deal with it up front.

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Libertyforall said...

OK. I am a democrat, basically, because I wish to vote in the primaries here in Vermont. Other than that, both parties are corrupt, in my view - it's just that republicans I feel are more corrupted. Regarding, 2010, all of what you say is pretty accurate; but the main force behind getting democrats elected is to engage younger people and rally them to elect more progressive thinking people.

Regarding your other views. Education: no argument.

Abortion: you are, for the most part, correct. I detest people you are against abortion but care absolutely nothing about infants born in to poverty.

Gun control: wrong. Ammunition accountability, is prudent. The right to be able to defend one's self with whatever means possible is an absolute right.

Foreign policy: I believe civilized nations have the right to topple vicious regimes. Unfortunately, in the past, we have supported vicious regimes and have overthrown freely elected ones. I was for "taking out" the Taliban since Clinton was in office and Sadam Hussein since Reagan.

Health care: I support "single payer - universal health care" for all. If wealthy people want to pay for private physicians and elaborate procedures, however, they should have every right to do so; as well, the FDA and DEA, have absolutely no right to interfere in the private sectors, and/or any individual's right to medicate themselves as they see fit. (Thank you Orrin Hatch, a Republican, ironically.)

Affirmative action: I don't understand exactly what you mean. Affirmative action was designed to help "black people" overcome 300 years of discrimination and bigotry. It resembles nothing of that today. How dare there be preference given to non-whites that just arrived here from a foreign land. Many of people have intolerant views and they get subsidized and placed at the front of the line. That is just plain WRONG.

Gay marriage: you are wrong in many ways. I am heterosexual and very thankful that I am for a lot of reasons. Born "gay" hasn't been proven; however, what is fact is that it isn't a choice. When someone's brain develops their sexual orientation becomes "wired" and then part of their identity. We can argue that heterosexual and homosexual sodomy is deviant, but the expression of love is the opposite of deviance, no matter how you "slice it." Ask for my support when government starts mandating the churches marry same sex couples. As far as the legal institution of marriage is concerned, your position denies individuals of their civil rights and that is VERY WRONG! Remember, separation of church & state! Your position is in alliance with the Taliban.