Sunday, December 27, 2009

Are all lives equal?

37313 people killed in traffic accidents in 2008. Multiply that by 7 to find the approximate number since 9/11. It's at least well over 250,000 people.

This compared to the near 4,000 people who died from the terrorists attacks on September 11, 2001. Since then there hasn't been any large scale attack. The total number since then is less than 5,000 no matter how you label it.

The question is why are we spending billions to fight against 3rd rate terrorists who can only attack in the most minimal ways, and yet won't spend the same money to:

upgrade our highway systems
build/upgrade high speed rail that would alleviate traffic

or take other issues where we lose lives:

universal healthcare
more policing to fight crime

I think all people are important.

I think that some people seriously think terrorism is the biggest issue and "everything" must be done to stop it.

I think others are using people's natural fears to spend money that helps certain companies, countries, and lobbyists.

Of course we should defend ourselves. I support being pro-active. I support the Bush doctrine to attack those who we think will do us harm before they have a chance to do it.

But fighting in Afghanistan, Iraq, and much more of the "War on Terror" mentality is a waste of money.

We should secure our airplanes and ports as much as possible. Spend money to upgrade our infrastructure and security, and then make better uses of this money.

All lives are equal.
It is equally tragic to die from lack of health care as it is to die from terrorism.
Except the former is way more prevalent.

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