Sunday, November 15, 2009

No terrorism trials

It was wrong for the Bush administration, and it is certainly a bad idea now to try Terrorism suspects in Federal court. If the court is serious, then they could be found not guilty or have the charges dismissed because of technical reasons.

Then, the military would have to detain them on other grounds and the government would have to figure some novel way to detain them. I'm assuming no one would actually release these people under any circumstances, but who knows.

The trial subjects normal people to (too) much danger. The jury, the lawyers, and the public in general. If the trial is public, it brings the issues to the front pages. It can incite unstable people to become radicalized. The whole event can give comfort to the enemy.

I'm not saying this will happen. But it could.

Instead, we should try them in a secret military trial. Convict them and punish them.

There are detainees that may be innocent. I mean 100% innocent. In that, if given a choice they'd actually be on our side. So it's important to give everyone a fast and fair hearing. Our goal should be public safety. Then to vindicate rule of law. In that order.

I hope these trials come and go really quickly; becoming non-issues.

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