Thursday, November 5, 2009

FoxNews: right wing except for marriage

I've noticed that Republicans and Conservatives are really serious when it comes to taxes and spending. In their words at least.

But when it comes to fighting for traditional marriage and against the gay rights movement, their enthusiasm is muted.

Dennis Miller on Foxnew's O'reilly show is a good example.

He was reviewing the election results and spewing typical right wing nonsense, until they got to Maine's vote to support real marriages.

Miller knows gay people and "it" doesn't bother him. High taxes bother him. A gigantic deficit bothers him. A weak foreign policy bothers him. Nancy Pelosi bothers him.
But 2 men getting "married" just fine.
O'Reilly made some process argument about allowing people the right to vote any way they want. But there wasn't a moral case made against the homosexuals.
This is right wing t.v.?
Where are the social conservatives?
I'm tired of political arguments. I want the moral case for real marriage and against the gay rights movement to be made by the right, center, and left.

I understand why the left wing doesn't make it. Too many of our friends and allies (otherwise) support the radical movement. But what about the right? Why so silent?
Where's the passion?

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