Wednesday, November 4, 2009

2009 election: Obama 2 for 2

Some pundits have boldly stated that the 2009 elections were a wake-up call for Congressional democrats. Politico has an article stating that even safe dems are nervous. All of this because of 2 races that were destined to go Republican all along. Virginia has gone opposite of the party in national power for 24 years. Likewise NJ has been contarian for over a decade. In addition, Republicans had better candidates. In NJ Corzine should have not run for re-election with his record. In Va. Deeds ran a horrible campaign.

This was all conventional wisdom, weeks before the election. The question was whether somehow Democrats had changed reality in 2008 where their new voters would show up regardless of the facts. Whether Obama had some magic. Well, if Obama didn't have magic a month after his historic election in Georgia, why would he have it a year later in the most troubling circumstances politically for Democrats on the ground.

Yet, there were two races where voters were electing democrats to support or oppose the President's agenda directly.

No spin necessary about what their elections meant because they meant either a vote for Pelosi or a vote for the Republicans. One seat was a NY 23 that was held by Republicans. One seat was a Cal 10 that was held by Democrats.

Democrats won both seats.

Democrats won the two races that were all about the national direction.

Imagine if Democrats had lost both. Especially in an upset.
This just goes to show the power of the media to generate a story.

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