Wednesday, November 4, 2009

47% support gay marriage?

I know my side won the election in Maine to protect marriage from redefinition, but I'm amazed that 47% still supported the radical gay rights agenda. A closer look at the demographics show that younger people are on the wrong side of the issue. As they get older and "take over" the electoral process, it's clear momemtum to change marriage is on the agenda.

As a party and a nation we need to arrest this development. Somehow we need to show young people the value of a real marriage. This must start with assaulting the left wing nonsense in Hollywood. In addition we need to strengthen what it means to be "married" both in law and in civil society.

This is in part an individual task. It is not o.k. to accept a divorced couple individually as if what happened between them was a personal matter. Marriage is a public act. Divorce should not be celebrated in any way. Not as a relief. Not as a new start. Divorce is a failure. We need to support people's marriage through our positive words and enabling actions.

No one should be happy that only 53% of people in any state stood up for something so basic.
We need to do much better.

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