Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Democrats should stand for...

1. Universal health care that is delivered in a free market.
-the government should guarantee access.
-private companies should compete for business under regulations

2. Traditional definition of marriage that excludes gays, polygamy, and any other perversion.
-make it harder to get married.
-make it harder to get divorced.
-increase the societal benefits of marriage.

3. School choice
-government should guarantee every parent has the means to make best decision
-parents decide through their purchasing decisions which schools are best.

4. Pro-choice on abortion rights while working to make the choice of life much easier.

5. Strong military that keeps us safe while projecting our values through diplomacy.
-get out of Iraq;
-get out of Afganistan;
-find and kill terrorists wherever they hide;

6. Ban foreign goods unless produced using minimum American standards of labor.

7. Decriminalize non-violent drug use. Decriminalize recreational gambling. Regulate both.

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