Thursday, September 17, 2009

Only 6% of Obama opposition is racist

Once again the political world led by cable television is engaging in a debate without actually engaging in a debate. The issue of the moment is whether the opposition to Presidet Obama and his policies is in part motivated by racism.

No alleges that it is totally racism. But why hasn't someone asked a simple question:

How much of the opposition is race based?

I beleive that about 10% white people and less than 3 percent of other groups are against Obama and/or his policies based on some racial reason.

That would mean about 6 percent of voters.

So this whole circus is about maybe 6 percent of voters who didn't and never would support Obama. They who lost the election miserably and will continue to do so.

They are making very good non-racial political arguments to get others to seemingly be on their side. They are also joining legitimate political movements against liberals and democrats to fight against Obama's policies.

The next time you hear people have a heated debate, contact them and tell them to put some clarity into the discussion by defining the numbers.

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