Wednesday, September 16, 2009

baseball: best pitchers on worst teams

It is an axiom that good starting pitching is the most important component for winning teams. Yet, if you look at the top pitchers in the American league, they all represent losing squads:

Era leaders as of 9/15/2009

Z Greinke 2.19 - Kansas City 58 -86 eliminated from playoffs
F Hernandez 2.52 - Seattle 74-71 13 losses back
R Halladay 3.03 - Toronto 66-79 eliminated from playoffs
C Lee 3.14 - Cleveland 61-83 eliminated

This can mean that those teams don't have all the other necessary ingredients or perhaps this pitching theory isn't valid today. The point for baseball and life is that sometimes things change or maybe they weren't true in the first place. Take what you have and win.

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