Saturday, September 26, 2009

Stigma of divorce

Exactly. What stigma?

As a civil society, we should demand more accountability from our friends. Excepting extraordinary situations (which truly are rare), we should let people know there is a price to walking away from their marriage.

Friends should demand their wedding gifts back.
Friends should not simply continue social engagements as though nothing happened.

Of course it is better to do all of this while there still is a marriage, and let people know that you believe in the union. It matters. You don't just sign a paper and everyone else is supposed to forget.

Marriage is a public contract.
When people break it, we should let them know that it is a big deal.

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Sakeenah said...

Hey Craig
Do you agree that some people are only meant to be in our lives for a certain part of our evolution? That they're supposed to go once their obligation to our growth is up? Certainly, you don't still want to be in kindergarten do you? That teacher was supposed to leave your life, he/she was only there for that period & that was perfectly understood. I believe most people go into a marriage with every intention of trying to make it work, they should not be punished for making mistakes. Take care, buddy