Thursday, September 3, 2009

Chris Brown deserved Jail Time

I am very hesitant to join a bandwagon, but am willing to do what's right regardless who agrees.

Those who are attacking Chris Brown are correct. They should aim their fire more appropriately though at the prosecutors in L.A. for not demanding the singer go to jail.

Chris Brown search warrant and affidavit

What might have begun as a relationship battle engaged equally by 2 people, quickly descended into a brutal assault by Brown onto the victim.

I distinguish "domestic violence" that is initiated and contributed to by both parties either passively, passive-aggressively, or aggressively and an outright viscious beating.

One is a relationship issue that must be understood as such, and the other is a terrible crime that deserves severe punishment.

I don't doubt that Brown is remorseful. I believe that he isn't normally violent.
I also believe that the penalty for his behavior needs to show our determination as a society to eradicate it.

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