Thursday, September 3, 2009

ESPN: Stop the beer commercials

ESPN needs to make a decision about whether it wants young viewers or not. Their on-air programming suggests it does with X-games, hip-hop references throughout it's various shows, and just an overall tenor.

Yet, as early as 7 am ESPN is showing countless beer commercials. This is before children go to school, not to mention in the summer.

ESPN should volunteer to advertise more responsibly.
Surely, there are products that are more appropriate for a mixed audience.

Sports drinks, body deodorant, clothes and shoes, back to school supplies, electronics, etc.
There are plenty of other choices rather than alcohol.

If ESPN and these other networks won't do it on their own, I as a newliberal democrat will gladly demand that government does it.

Any show that attracts younger people shouldn't be sponsored by adult beverages that are illegal for those viewers.

In addition, the sexual and other adult content should be removed so as to foster a family atmosphere. This is especially necessary during big events like the Super Bowl or even important regular season games.

As Democrats we should make it our responsibility to promote a healthy town square.

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